We built a house together!

It has been a long weekend of backbreaking work, little sleep and powerful emotions. But above all, an incredible experience. And, all made possible by the wonderful organisation that is Techo and your backing in helping myself and Danny support the work that they do.

Guatemala - A lake, a volcano and a very big bubble

When my friend Danny suggested we travel to Guatemala to climb a recently dormant volcano in order to view its active neighbor erupting, I didn’t need much time to think about it. We would rent a car and make road trip out of it, getting to see some of the real Guatemala along the way. Or so we hoped.

Let's build a house together!

For two months I've been volunteering with a charity called Techo, who build houses for deserving families in the Slums of Latin America. Now, as we approach the next phase of building, I want to raise enough money to build a whole house. And I need your help!

A day in a Cambodian Village

I decided I wanted to step off the typical tourist trail in Cambodia and discover more about how people actually lived. I heard about a program run by a local, which allowed you to spend a day with him in his village. It sounded perfect.

Pictures of people taking pictures at Angkor Wat - Cambodia

Angkor Wat can at times it truly feels like you are in an Indiana Jones movie. At least, it would do if it wasn't for the bus loads of other people who had the same idea. Within hours of starting my first day tour, I gave up trying to take 'nice' pictures of temples. Every shot had people also taking pictures in it. So I decided to make those people the focus instead.

Hong Kong - Everything and more

As I stepped off the plane and into Hong Kong airport, a man in uniform jumped in front of me and placed a pistol to my head. He stared intently at the back of the gun, before lowering it and gesturing for me to keep walking. The start of an incredible visit that would go on to change the course of my life. 

Ghost Towns of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a megatropolis known for it’s bright lights and densely populated skyscrapers. But, hidden away in dark corners of the vast island network that makes up the province, lie ghost towns, abandoned and deserted. Of course, I could't resist going to explore.

Dubai, UAE - A city with many sides

Making sense of my time in Dubai has been hard. I really wanted to write about how much I hated it, how it was all about consumer greed, excess, ego and pretension. And indeed it is all of those things. But to only write about that would not tell the full story of the six days I spent there, meeting lovely, humble and down to earth people who showed me that there is more to Dubai than the city I arrived wanting to hate.

2,000 miles of Romania

Everything we seem to hear about Romania in the UK revolves around immigration. But there is so much to this country, rich in history and culture, stunningly beautiful landscapes and populated by warm, welcoming people. I spent a month driving 2,000 miles across the country, through towns and cities, over mountains and through villages. Here is what I encountered on my journey.

A day at the Negreni annual flea market - Romania

Flea markets are always interesting affairs, with junk and treasures presented side by side, sold and sifted through by all sorts of interesting characters. So when I was told about Transylvania's annual regional flea market in Negreni, I jumped at the chance to visit on its busiest day.


Inside Bulgaria's Forgotten Monuments

To us Brits the word ‘monument’ conjures up images of dry historical figures sitting atop concrete plinths. They are rarely interesting, never mind inspiring. In communist Bulgaria however, they did things a little differently. The incredible structures they built to honor their infamous ideology and the struggles they went through ‘encouraging’ its adoption, are truly awe-inspiring architectural works of art.

Kiev, Ukraine - The best city nobody knows

Ukraine is a country known for its war with Russia and the world's worst nuclear disaster. Hardly the makings of a great tourist destination. But, as it turns out the capital, Kiev, has so much to offer that you would be crazy not to consider it for your next city break.

Inside the Opulent Life of a Corrupt Ukrainian President

As with most parts of the former USSR, Ukraine is a country fraught with corruption and the curse of powerful oligarchs who control much of its economy. The former persident Victor Yanucovych was no exception and after the revolution in 2014 his former residence was opened up to the public. I went to take a look around the life of an oligarch.

Athens, Greece - Ancient city, modern disaster

Barely a day goes past when Greece isn't in the news. The country, and in particular its capital, appear to in turmoil thanks to decades of poor governance. Having only ever visited the islands, my knowledge of Greece was made up of beautiful scenery, endless sunshine and making new friends. But, that was island life, I was sure Athens would be a hot, tense and chaotic place.