Inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - Ukraine

Chernobyl is probably the only place in Ukraine that everybody has heard of. In 1986 a routine safety test went catastrophically wrong, leading to an explosion in Reactor 4 which released large amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and deposited it onto surrounding areas. Today, as well as the continued work in the zone to contain the disaster, it has been opened up as a 'dark' tourist attraction. I couldn't resist.

Athens, Greece - Ancient city, modern disaster

Barely a day goes past when Greece isn't in the news. The country, and in particular its capital, appear to in turmoil thanks to decades of poor governance. Having only ever visited the islands, my knowledge of Greece was made up of beautiful scenery, endless sunshine and making new friends. But, that was island life, I was sure Athens would be a hot, tense and chaotic place.

Kraków, Poland - A beautiful bubble

I arrived in Poland without high expectations. After all, it’s impossible to escape the immigrant-bashing media telling us how hoards of Poles flock to Britain to live in damp, overcrowded terraces on the North Circular while working for next to nothing. If it was so nice, why would they be so eager to leave?