My name is Aram.

Having lived a privileged ‘first world’ life growing up in London, I never had much to complain about. I took a familiar path; A-levels to University to well paid job and eventually I started my own company. Everything was as it should be.

But, when I lost my beloved mum to cancer, something in me changed. Life suddenly felt shorter and I wanted more from it than sitting at a desk staring at a screen all day. I ran out of passion for making more money, buying ever more expensive things and chasing that elusive label of 'success'. I wanted to find out what else life could be.

So, I closed the design agency I’d started 6 years before, sold my boat (yea, I know), took up photography, and have begun a journey to discover what is out in the big wide world we all call home.

How do other people live? What makes them happy? What can they teach me about being human and therefore myself? Is money really as important as our first world culture implies? Just some of the questions swirling around my head.

This blog tells the stories of places I visit, the people I meet and the impact they have on me.